Grow Your Business with Direct Mailing Services

Direct Mail / November 6, 2019

Direct Mailing Services remains one of the cost-effective tools used by businesses to communicate with their target audience. It is one of the motivators and internal influencers to make prospective customers inquire about the business. Direct mailing also makes it possible to reach customers and prospects directly at relatively low cost compared to the possible return on investment.

Direct mailing is targeted messages directly delivered to the intended audience. Corporate Mailing Services offers a wide range of services for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area with the convenience of a one-stop-shop mailing services. These services include inkjet imprinting using the latest inkjet technology, complete data services, variable data imprinting, poly bagging, automated clip sealing, automated postage stamp affixing, packaging and kit assembly, unaddressed admail, inline labelling, imprinting on catalogue, mechanical inserting, pressure-sensitive labelling and mechanical inserting.

Corporate Mailing Services can process various types of mail, flyers, brochures and newsletters to reach the hands of the intended consumers by updating data with the National Change of Address for improved mailing accuracy. Your advertising and marketing materials can be folded professionally, inserted into small or large envelopes, sealed and affixed with postage stamps. You do not have to rely on your regular staff who can be assigned to more productive work. The people at Corporate Mailing Services are fully trained and highly experienced, so they can perform these tasks more efficiently and in a much shorter time frame.

The infrastructure of Corporate Mailing Services and its experienced team helps in ensuring that your direct mailing requirements are handled in an efficient and timely manner. They also help cleanse your address list to save you money on undeliverable mail. If you are sending regular newsletters, Corporate Mailing Services can be trusted to get it folded, packaged and stamped in no time at all.

Flyers that announce events and special offers are oftentimes used by Toronto businesses to reach customers. They are a great promotional tool that must be delivered on time because they are usually time-sensitive. This means that if they get to the intended audience after the date of the event, then they are of no use, especially if there are coupons with expiration dates.  So, they must be handled swiftly by a reputable direct mailing company.

Brochures are also effective marketing and informational materials that are effective when sent through direct mailing services. Brochures, whether black and white or full-colour for more visual appeal will give customers information about the products you carry and the services you offer, with complete information on contact numbers, email addresses and store hours.

Whatever means you decide to promote and market your business, you will need to reach a wide range of people.  This can be accomplished through the internet, but like a shotgun, the hits will be scattered and might not be what you are looking for.  If your business is operating in a small locality like the Greater Toronto Area or parts of the United States, direct mailing is still the most effective way of reaching your target customers.