Direct Mailing Services Save Money

Direct Mail,Our Services / November 6, 2019

It is proven that the most inexpensive method of marketing is to hire direct mailing services. Corporate Mailing Services in Toronto offers printing and bulk mailing services for Canada, United States and beyond. There are many services offered at competitive rates. Direct mail is only the beginning

Mailing and online printing services are considered to be the two least expensive marketing methods today. There are many services offered by Corporate Mailing Services that will greatly stretch your marketing dollars. Direct mail entails sending out marketing materials via mail to a list of potential customers.

The first step in using the mailing service is to provide your proof for your marketing materials. This is typically done online via an uploader. You can then count on the Toronto direct mailing company to print the specified number of materials. They will manage your data for the mailing, including the National Change of Address Service. Additionally, they will print with laser printing or inkjet printing the names and addresses from your mailing list. Finally, they will mark the materials with postage and send them off in the Toronto mail.

Mailing companies save you time and money in many ways. First, they take away the time and resources you would spend to send out marketing materials yourself. Because they have industrial printing capabilities, they can print your materials much more inexpensively than you could do so yourself, and in a much more timely manner. They can also gain bulk postage deals saving you money on mailings. Additionally, the services include data management, so you do not have to spend time and resources updating your lists after a mailing has been completed.

Mailing services also save you money in other ways. If your materials need to be stuffed into envelopes, the service handles this for you. This saves you a lot of money in human resources to undertake the overwhelming and time-consuming task of stuffing hundreds or thousands of envelopes. If your materials are a catalogue, you will save a fortune in binding and printing costs by outsourcing to direct mailing services.

There are many options available in your direct mail service. You can choose to have something bound or clipped for mailing. You can also choose to have it placed in a plastic bag or insert that will protect the mailer from the weather. For large volume printing, there is a pressure labelling system available. The direct mail services even handle unaddressed ad mail that goes to customers in a specific mailing area.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that Corporate Mailing Services can save you time and money. Check out our services and get your free quote for a complete list of services offered. Additionally, pricing is competitive to further save you money.