Toronto and GTA Mailing Done Easy

Direct Mail,Our Services / November 6, 2019

Whatever the size or service of your business, the direct mailing needs of your company can take a big bite out of your operating budget and cause a lot of hassle.  Anyone who has spent the drudging hours of sorting mass mailings by zip code for bulk mailings, hauling bins of mailers to the post office, and dealing with the lines and irritations of the business mailing process will gladly welcome the news that mailing could be handled for you with a simple and cost-effective business service.  Put a band-aid on that final paper cut, and log on to the website to see how our Toronto letter and mailing services can manage all your mailing needs, from the data services and printing to the mailing itself.  You won’t even have to handle the paper anymore.

Whatever the type of mailing you’re sending out, you can send the design files digitally to the friendly team at Corporate Mailing Services, and they’ll put their high-tech inkjet printers to work creating the mailer to your exact specifications, including inline labelling on the items themselves, utilizing your database of addresses.  If you’re sending unaddressed advertising ad mail, our direct mailing services are set up to process it; if you’re dealing with a database of addresses, the mailing service will leverage the National Change of Address database to ensure your list is completely updated and you’re not wasting funds with miss-mailed items.

Does your mailer require poly bagging, labelling, packaging, or inserts?  Corporate Mailing Services takes care of all these elements, affixes the postage stamps to large volume mailings, and sorts the mailers for domestic or international mailing.  All these elements are handled quickly and cost-effectively, and your company’s meeting rooms will never have to be buried again in stacks of mailers in the process of being folded, labelled, stamped, addressed, and bundled.

With two decades of successful collaboration with its clients (some of whom have loyally used the same service for its full twenty years of business); our professional Toronto letter and direct mailing Services enjoy a stellar track record of customer satisfaction.  Some business owners mistakenly believe that handling mailings in-house will be a money-saver, but these owners have often failed to take into account the costs of paper and printing, postage, and enormous investments of employee time required to process a large mailing.  Once the true costs of the do-it-yourself approach have been tallied and totalled up, there’s no contest.  Corporate Mailing Services is not only a service that will save you headaches in-house and put out a consistently high-quality product on your behalf; it’s also the most cost-effective way to approach the direct mailing, online printing, Toronto letter and mail needs of your company.

The company’s website includes an interactive form that allows you to outline the needs of a particular project and request a price quote and bid on that project.  As you’re looking into the Corporate Mailing Services as a solution to your mailing and direct mailing issues, check out our blog reaching out to clients with business ideas, deals, offers, news, and information.